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Testament - Live At The Fillmore (Digipack)
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Testament - Live At The Fillmore (Digipack)

CD Nacional Digipack e Lacrado.

1. The Preacher (live)
2. Alone In The Dark (live)
3. Burnt Offerings (live)
4. A Dirge (live)
5. Eerie Inhabitants (live)
6. The New Order (live)
7. Low (live)
8. Urotsukidoji (live)
9. Into The Pit (live)
10. Souls Of Black (live)
11. Practice What You Preach (live)
12. Apocalyptic City (live)
13. Hail Mary (live)
14. Dog Faced Gods (live)
15. Return To Serenity (acoustic)
16. The Legacy (acoustic)
17. Trail Of Tears (acoustic)

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