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Maniac Butcher - Cerna Krev
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Maniac Butcher - Cerna Krev

CD Nacional e lacrado.
gravadora: Hammer Of Damnation, 2019
Lançamento original: 1998

1.Wretched rabble, humble vermin, odious vile mob, as well as poor human waste
2.Helpful advice, how to grow old, and also recommendation suitable for life and survival
3.Maniac Butcher, known as Šílený Řezník in Czech language as well
5.Bloodlust, yet ordinary vampirism is not alike
6.Novel wish, almost strange, fulfilling it uncommon consequences may be reached
7.Eternity and immortality, obtained by shedding and following feasting of rivers of human blood
8. Helpful advice... (Live - Zatec, 17-04-99)
9. Midnight Empire (Live - Open Hell Fest, 7/17/99)
10. Maniac Butcher... (Live - Open Hell Fest, 7/17/99)

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