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Gaskin - No Way Out
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Gaskin - No Way Out

CD Nacional e Lacrado
Lançamento Classic Metal Records 2017

1. Dirty Money
2. Free Man
3. Just Like a Movie Star
4. Say Your Last Word
5. Broken Up
6. Rady for Love
7. Come Back to Me
8. High Crime Zone
9. Queen of Flames
10. No Way Out

11. Mony Mony (Single 'A' Side)
12. Maybe it's Goodnight (NWO Demo Session)
13. Bad Reputation (NWO Demo Session)
14. Lay Me Easy (NWO Demo Session)
15. Come Back To Me (NWO Demo Session)
16. That's What Friends Are For (Out take from 2012 album "Edge of Madness", song originally written in 1982 for "No Way Out)

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