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Evil - Ashes Of Old (Digipack Special Edition)
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Evil - Ashes Of Old (Digipack Special Edition)

CD Nacional, Digipack em edição especial estilo capa de DVD e lacrado.
Gravadora: Hammer of Damnation Records, 2015.
Estilo: Black Metal

Chapter One (Prelude To The Fallen And Free)
01. Intro - The Return Of Darkest Wolves - When The Pillars Of Heaven Will Fall 11:21
02. In The Bottomless Pit 5:36

Chapter Two (Journey Though Ancient Cult)
03. Medieval Spells In The Ancient Vastlands - Triumph Of Sword 8:49
04. Gates To Oblivion 7:47
05. The Wolf Order 4:54
06. Ashes Of Old 12:06

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