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Deep Purple - Whoosh (CD+DVD Digipack )
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Deep Purple - Whoosh (CD+DVD Digipack )

CD e DVD, digipack, nacional e lacrado.
Gravadora: Shinigami Records, 2020
Estilo: Hard Rock


1. Throw My Bones
2. Drop the Weapon
3. We?re All the Same in the Dark
4. Nothing at All
5. No Need to Shout
6. Step by Step
7. What the What
8. The Long Way Round
9. The Power of the Moon
10. Remission Possible
11. Man Alive
12. And the Address
13. Dancing in My Sleep


1. Roger Glover And Bob Ezrin In Conversation
2. Time For Bedlam (Live at Hellfest)
3. Fireball (Live at Hellfest)
4. Bloodsucker (Live at Hellfest)
5. Strange Kind Of Woman (Live at Hellfest)
6. Uncommon Man (Live at Hellfest)
7. The Surprising (Live at Hellfest)
8. Lazy (Live at Hellfest)
9. Birds Of Prey (Live at Hellfest)
10. Hell To Pay (Live at Hellfest)
11. Don Airey?s Solo (Live at Hellfest)
12. Perfect Strangers (Live at Hellfest)
13. Space Truckin? (Live at Hellfest)
14. Smoke On The Water (Live at Hellfest)
15. Peter Gunn/Hush (Live at Hellfest)
16. Black Night (Live at Hellfest)

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